Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Mates

There is an element of human psyche that is fascinated with romance. Romance conjures up ideas of finding the right person to spend and share your life with. Most people have come up with a term for this. The ‘Soul mate’, a term very romantic on its own accord. Movies from Hollywood to Bollywood alike have cashed millions in profits by luring people with such stories, of romance and soul mates and of course the cliché of happily ever after. 

 Romantic movies are harmless, and good for passing time, especially when they can provide people with an element of hope. Most people I know, especially my girl friends love romantic movies, or stories. This holds true for both the married tier of friends and the single ones. Some of my guy friends have also, albeit reluctantly, admitted to enjoying romantic movies from time to time. I however am one of those people who this does not hold true for. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, the mystery shall remain, I am not a romantic.

I believe in love. Eternal love for all of God’s creations, from the living to those that science has termed as ‘non-living’, but which I know has a spark of God in them. The stars, the ocean, the planets far away. The Earth beneath our toes, on which we walk every day, which gently holds us up so we can walk across it, feeds us with food, enchants us with breathtaking beauty through its landscapes. The air that lovingly wraps itself around us, making sure we have the sufficient amount of Oxygen to function, but doing it so selflessly that we all take it for granted. The butterflies and bees which tirelessly fly from tree to tree, pollinating the different flowers so they can bear fruit we can enjoy. Love for Allah, for providing us with such priceless blessings.

When it comes to relationships with people, I also believe in soul mates. My belief in soul mates is however much different from that of the majority of humanity. The common belief in soul mates encompasses the notion of finding one companion with whom to share everything in your life with, and eventually with whom you will live happily ever after. I believe in, dare I say it, more that one soul mate. This is because my whole perception of the idea of soul mates is different, and very spiritually inclined.

Allow me to elaborate. According to our destiny written by the Divine Hands, we have to undergo certain tests and learn important lessons in this lifetime. Soul mates are those souls who come in your life to help you teach an important lesson, or move you forward towards your life purpose. You may not know or acknowledge it, but these souls have specifically chosen to help you in this life time. They may come in your life for a short time span, a few years or a lifetime. Soul mates provide you with encouragement, hope through difficulty and sometimes can be harsh also, to make sure you learn what it is that will help you move forward. Our families are our soul mates, because we all have been specifically chosen and put together so we can offer love, help and support in our individual destinies. Friends are also our soul mates, who may last for a few days, a few years or a lifetime. When the reason the soul mate was in your life for has been fulfilled, they move on, or you move on. Similarly, someone may come in your life for a few minutes, and through general talk help you realize some important thing. This is also a soul mate, who though came in to your life for a split moment, had an important reason behind that ‘chance’ encounter. We should love those who have been part of our lives to help us grow, and learn what they are there to teach, so subtly yet through Divine intervention.

I am quite aware of the fact about how my belief in soul mates is vividly different from that of the majority of people. It is something that I hold to be true according to my own perception. Since we are on this topic, I would like to thank my soul mates for being a part of my life. Whether they came in my life for a moment, a medium time frame or a life time, and whether they even consciously realize it or not, I am grateful for the assistance provided to help me move forward on learning life’s lessons and fulfilling my life purpose. Thank you and God bless.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Underneath the illusion

Sometimes when you stare at an illusion for long enough, it can blur the fine line between reality and imagination. Routine for me is an illusion. It can play havoc with your mind, and in such a subtle way that you don't even realize until it's too late. You start to believe that you are in control of circumstances, of your life, planning out things when actually you are just a thread in the tapestry that is being weaved by the Divine hands of the Universe. 

I was lulled into the hypnotic trance of routine a few days back. My routine trap was walking to work. I remember when I first started walking to my office, which is luckily very near to where I live. I would enjoy the morning air, see the people walk their dogs on the small park that comes along the way. Some women would be taking a walk with their baby cribs, gossiping away with friends. The times when the park would be covered with red and orange autumn trees, and sometimes men with blowers would come and try to clear the leaves, causing the leaves to dance around in the air until they neatly piled in one corner, promising to behave. I remember children playing in the park swings, dogs excitedly nosing around to see if they could find some treasure beneath the carpet of leaves. Then the times when it would be freezing, and the grass would be covered with a thick white cotton blanket of snow, as if to shield it from the chilly winds. The flowers than sprang up in spring, when it was full of life and people again. Walking home from work, sometimes some college students would be sitting there, working on their assignments. The small park would be the highlight of my walk, and still is. However I had gotten used to walking that way, enjoying the park and peacefully going home. Hence I was totally unprepared for what lay in store for me one fine Monday morning on 9th May 2011.

I need music to function, hence I'm always listening to something or the other. The music was blaring on full volume on my red ipod which cuts me of from the auditory part of the world for a bit. So I could not hear what was happening. I walked home and was about to turn towards my street, when I noticed a large group of people, some police personnel, and that the street was barricaded. From the barriers, I noticed that in the middle of the street there were quite a few police cars and more police personnel. Confused, I took off my headphones. That exact moment, my ears were besieged by siren calls from the police cars and ambulance. Concerned, I asked one of the policemen what had happened. When I heard his answer, a cold shiver ran up my spine. Shootings and a murder. It was as if I had been picked up from my peaceful walk and placed smack in the middle of a horror, thriller movie, where a violent criminal act had just taken place. But wait, this was my street, from where I walked twice everyday to and fro work. More sirens and another ambulance. The crowd started to grow. Dazed, I decided to walk away, shocked yet curious about the details.

Later that night, still distressed from the violent happenings, I heard over the radio what had happened. Apparently there was a murder of a young man who was suspected to be involved in a gang. It saddened me to hear the loss of a young life, and that too in such a brutal way. I was still in utter disbelief that it had happened in my area, which 'apparently' was a good, relatively safer area in West London. Sheeesh.... Life was pretty unpredictable and made sure I noted that fact too.

Now two days later, as the shock is finally wearing off, I realize how precious life is, how uncertain and just how we can start taking so much for granted. We can get lost in our lives, and not appreciate so many of the free wonders, the beauties the universe has to offer, laying bare out there if we just care to look. The Earth itself is such a gorgeous place, so loving in the way it is letting us all go about our lives and providing for our needs. A video found me yesterday, and it just reiterates my point so beautifully, using actual images to prove the magnificence. I leave you with this gorgeous timelapse video. All this is ours for free, if only we take the time to realize this dazzling, sublime fact.