Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purity of Divine Love

There is something about Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, and the purity of his words that touches our souls. The passion and hunger with which he pursues Divine Love is inspiring, endearing and at the same time humbling. There is a raw beauty in his words, which shines through his phrases, lit up by the power of pure, unadulterated, genuine love for the Divine.

Listening to Rumi's poetry is like eavesdropping on a personal conversation between his soul and the Creator of the Universe. The mystical allure of this conversation, the engagement it commands, the feelings it uncovers is proof that we all have the same yearning for Divine Love, which is sadly laying dormant most of the time, ignored for the practical issues we face in this 'real' world. With these words, I would take the honor and privilege to share with you a beautiful poem by Rumi, wonderfully done in this video by Sina.

Rumi's beautiful words remind us that despite all the illusions we get distracted with in this world, what we are actually missing and what is really important is the concept of Divine Love. See for yourself, as you get enveloped by peace when listening to his words in the video above. God Bless. 

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