Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Facebook Page: Keeping it Surreal

I finally got around to make a Facebook page for my blog 'Keeping it Surreal'. The idea had been fluttering around my head like a butterfly for quite some time. Sometimes the fluttering would cease, as if the butterfly was resting, possibly upon some flowers of imagination in my mind. It did however take a bit of time to implement the idea, mostly because time is such a precious commodity now.

Time has always been a precious commodity but when responsibilities pile up, there is little left for yourself. And with that little comes the opportunity cost attached. If I do this, then I wouldn't be able to do that, and if I do that I wouldn't be able to do that other thing. It's like one of my first classes in Economics, where I was taught the definition of Economics. Economics is the allocation of limited resources in the most efficient way, so as to minimize the opportunity cost attached. That could very well be the definition of life itself, for everything has an opportunity cost. I guess now would be a adequate time to clarify what exactly is meant by opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is everything you forgo due to you choosing what you are going to do. For example, if I am writing this blog at this particular moment in time, the opportunity cost would be sleeping, watching TV, reading a good book, going out or working. Opportunity cost is therefore attached to each and every choice we make in life, period.

So why did I make a Facebook page for my blog? I am not entirely sure. I love writing, and I have been too busy to blog for some time. Possibly making a Facebook page would make me want to update it regularly and so would give me an excuse to be more vigilant in my writings. Writing is a way of finding joy in life for me. What I do know for sure is that I would love to help others find that joy along with me. Because life has its ups and downs. We all feel depressed and unhappy sometimes. Everyone has been hurt or lost someone. That is life and what binds humanity together. If I find something that would make me feel better and share it, I would consider it a blessing if it brings peace to others as well.

What plans do I have for my Facebook Page 'Keeping it Surreal'? I think I will just go with the flow and see what feels right. I would share my blog posts, thoughts, the surreal aspects of life, possibly some inspirational stories, and maybe even jokes. I am toying with the idea of sharing pictures there too, of nature and stars, Living in the concrete jungle that constitutes city life, we have got out of touch with nature. I miss nature. I miss stars. I used to love watching stars at night when I was a kid. Now with so much city lights, I feel lucky if I catch a star in the sky now and then. I have discovered a new found love of photography, mostly of natural elements. Maybe I will share those pictures too. From today onwards I will share everything with the hashtag #KeepingItSurreal so it is easy to find my posts on Facebook.

Wish me 'Goodluck' please and kindly like my page on Facebook 'Keeping it Surreal'. I would sincerely appreciate any support on this journey because in the words of the immortal Coco Chanel, "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." Here's to us all having some courage. Amen to that.

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