Thursday, September 12, 2019


There comes a time when the option to stay silent is not an option anymore. In the ideal world, I would wish for world peace, no war crimes, no hate, peaceful living among all nations, especially Pakistan and India. Unfortunately the world is far from ideal at the moment, and though the intention is well, such a wish at this time might be considered wishful, bordering on naivety. I still stay persistent in my belief that all important matters are solved through rational dialogue, international intervention and not war.

The cruelty on Kashmiri people is something that the whole of humanity must stand up against. If you are unaware of the atrocities happening in Kashmir, please google Kashmir related articles on international forums such as NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, the Guardian,  Reuters to name but a few. Those are all independent forums. Here is a great article written by Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan for the New York Times: The World Can't Ignore Kashmir. Please also spread awareness.

When you lay awake at night,
Unable to sleep,
It is because your Soul,
Can hear the screams of those innocents,
Whose only fault is they were born,
In a much coveted piece of land,
That looks like heaven,
With tales from hell,
There is not much you can do,
Except raise your voice,
So that Eternity can bear witness,
That though you felt helpless,
At least you tried,
Now is the time,
Let the world know,
What is happening in Kashmir,
Is wrong, a massive human rights violation,
An unforgivable crime.

By Amna Usman Chaudhry.

Let us raise our voices against all forms of injustice, particularly that happening in Kashmir. Let us also keep Kashmir and its people in our prayers.

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