Friday, January 31, 2020

Fashionable Fridays: HighStreet Look from Mango

Estimates by McKinsey and Company valued the Fashion Industry to be worth a staggering $2.4 Trillion way back in 2017, and with estimated growth rates averaging from 3.5-4.5 % per annum, it has continued an upwards growth trend. The past few years has seen luxury fashion brands such as LVMH and Hermes, to name a few, see main gains in the fashion industry averaging up to more that $2 billion in annual profit each in 2017 alone.

I am back with the third post of the 'Fashionable Fridays' series that I started earlier this year. Though luxury brands have seen a major increase in profits, there are many options on the HighStreet available to get your fashion fix without digging too deep in your pockets. If you can afford luxury items, that's great but if you are on a budget, then read on and get some fashion styling tips.

In my previous posts, I styled an edgy look from Zara and another feminine yet modern look from H&M.  In today's post, I will look at HighStreet brand Mango. I decided to go for a chic look for going out at night. Given the cool weather in Dubai, and also how velvet is always in vogue during winters, I decided to go for this beautiful velvet front knot jumpsuit:


The neckline is admittedly a bit low, but the knot detail and velvet texture really stands out. I would advise wearing a camisole underneath to cover up the low neckline for modesty reasons. Adding a sparkly belt would really glam up the look. The picture below shows three belts but one should suffice for the jumpsuit look we are going for.

We now just need to add some more sparkle to the outfit to complete the night time look. I chose the following metallic mesh bag:

It was not easy finding closed silver metallic shoes on the Mango website so these open toe rhinestone strappy sandals are the next best thing:

Complete the look with these big hoop statement earrings:

The glamorous and chic look is complete. Since the weather is still chilly, you can add the following red leather jacket while outdoors to really put your most fashionable step forward:

Wear this look with a metallic red lipstick and you are sure to steal the spotlight in this chic ensemble. Do follow me on instagram (@amnamusings) for more fashion inspiration since I post outfits I wear myself as well, along with poetry. Hope to see you again next Friday with another fun and fashionable look from an affordable HighStreet store. Till then, take care!

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