Sunday, May 17, 2020

Day 3: Uplifting Poetry to Support during Covid19

I know we are in the midst of uncertain and challenging times due to #covid19. I have decided to share some uplifting poetry to help support and brighten your day, in my own humble way. I pray that we all come out stronger and wiser when this is over.

I have actually been doing this for almost a week now on my instagram page @amnamusings and my facebook page 'Keeping it Surreal'.. I started doing it on my Twitter account @AmnaMusings a day ago. Since the purpose of this is to get the message of support to as many people who need it as possible, I have decided to put it on the blog too. 

The first few weeks of the lock down were quite tough for me, and I can imagine there were many people who were in the same boat. Life as we once knew has changed, and there is an element of fear due to all the uncertainty. That is why I decided to do this, and I really pray that my poems make you feel better.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay hopeful


PS. The first six days will be posted in quick succession on my blog in order to catch up with my social media accounts, so all the new poems get posted at the same time henceforth. 

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