Sunday, June 12, 2011


Poetry has been defined to be the language of God, such is its beauty. I have always found it to be fascinating, considering how it allows you to unleash your emotions and thoughts so powerfully yet gracefully. I have previously been a bit hesitant in sharing my poems, considering their personal nature and intensity. However, now it is about high time that I started sharing a few on my blog. I love to dance, and the poem below was written by me a few years back, with the intention to highlight my love for music and dance, which are both the languages of the soul.

Somewhere down the line, I forgot it all,
Somewhere down the line, I took the fall.
Somewhere down the line, I forgot to live,
Somewhere down the line, I stopped to get but increased to give.

And then I started to dance,
Lost in the hypnotic beat, caught in a trance.
Things I could not understand, mysteries I could not explain,
I danced to forget, to ease the pain.

My soul moved, my body swayed,
Pain cut through my heart like a sharp blade.
I closed my eyes and lived the song,
I could have danced all life long.

The music consoled, it tried to heal,
All the incredible pain I could feel.
I whirled around with the beat,
Lost, my body moved with my feet.
The music was kind, it soothed my soul,
It tried its best to play a healing role.
Holding out, it took my hand,
It made me soar, high above land.

I danced with the moon, I danced with the stars,
Which swirled around my head like a garland of flowers.
Slowly I began to smile,
The beat took over for a while.

No strength left, I succumbed to fate,
As the music lead me through heaven’s gate.
I talked to the angels, I asked them why,
They didn’t help when they saw me cry.

The angels smiled kindly yet I couldn’t hear their reply,
The music had taken me again off to fly.
We swim through the ocean of dreams,
So deep I could almost escape the painful screams.

Twist and turn, move and twist,
Lost, forgotten in the hazy mist.
I danced to forget, I danced to live,
To the universe myself to give.

The universe kindly let me in,
My lips curled slightly in a small grin.
The music, the dance, I adored.
Despite the pain still there, still uncured.

The music lured me, I continued to fall,
I gave my heart, my soul, I gave it my all.
It was my escape, this hypnotic trance,
Uninhibited, I confess I love to dance.


  1. it's funny how we all have different ways to heal pain. some write, some read, some resort to more prayers. shows how we are all so different and can react differently to the same situation. it's pretty amazing how God made us all so different, such an amazing thought. loved the poetry amna *hugs*

  2. You're so right asmaa, its pretty amazing how unique we all really are, considering the global population... thats the ethereal magic of Divinity for you =) Thanks for liking my poem hun... *hugs*

  3. Amna this is amazing and really deep mashallah you are gifted with natural talent.

  4. As Asmaa said above, everyone has their own ways of letting out steam. :)

    And this is a beautifully written poem masha'Allah.

    Hope you have a lovely, productive and enjoyable week ahead.

  5. Thank you Nas...I wish you the same, have an amazing week ahead iA =)