Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surreall Jewellery

I love jewellery and accessories. I always have. I inherited this from my mother, who was quite the fashionista back in the day. Everyone who sees old pictures of her has a 'wow' moment. Her style was modern and sophisticated, very decent, and evergreen meaning she continued to style gracefully according to her age. It was only during the last few months of her life in 2010 that she was in so much pain that clothes and accessories did not matter. However I still have fond memories of how she would wear some simple jewellery and take her nice shawl when visiting the hospital.

I am honored that I have inherited a bit of that fashionista gene from mom. I have MashAllah been complimented quite a lot on my taste, even stopped randomly by strangers on many occasions and asked where my clothes or accessories are from. However not as much as my mother, and my brothers along with myself agree that my style is not even half as good as moms. Thankfully though, I appreciate and respect that. Mom is my role model, in every way and also in style. I aspire to one day be such a natural at chic, grace and sophistication as mom was.

What remains now about her style are precious memories, old photographs and some jewellery. Mom's taste in jewellery has always been exquisite. I wore her jewellery on my Nikkah and also on the day of my wedding reception (Rukhsati). Everyone went gaga over the jewellery MashAllah. Some people requested to borrow the jewellery to have it copied, which honestly I am not very comfortable with in case it gets God forbid misplaced or tampered with. Anyway at the end of the day, it goes to show that mom was a fashionista whose classy sense of style has outlived her because it is evergreen.

That said, there are many precious memories of mom, such as how caring she was, how independent and strong she was and how strong her faith in Allah was, being a 5 time namazi since her childhood MA. The reason I brought up the whole jewellery thing is because it inspired me to start 'Surreall Jewellery.' Her sense of style and knowing I have inherited it gave me the courage to start something about what we love, Jewellery.  I believe there are so many fashionistas out there, looking for just the right piece of jewellery. Something that is unique, beautiful, traditional and uniquely reflects a little of that fashionista.

However considering the escalating value of gold nowadays and honestly the fact I did not have so much capital to invest in gold jewellery, I decided to make an investment in silver and imitation jewellery. So that fashionistas can be fashionable without breaking the bank.

Majority of the jewellery is very economically priced. We at Surreall Jewellery believe that each beautiful jewellery piece is destined for a fashionista. We play a little part in fulfilling that destiny by collecting unique jewellery pieces from around the world on a single platform. So it can help reach that special fashionista out there a little bit faster.

We are based in Lahore, Pakistan. However we are taking orders from around the globe, provided small delivery charges are paid.

If interested, we can be reached at the following email address: Surreallist@gmail.com.

If you like a glimpse of what Surreall Jewellery has to offer, please take a look at more details and also like our Facebook Page: Surreall Jewellery.

This is a small history of how and why Surreall Jewellery came in to being. Thanks for reading. God bless.

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