Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Multi Lingual Universe

Music can be said to be one of the languages of the soul. That would explain why when sometimes we listen to instrumental music or music in foreign languages, despite being unable to comprehend the lyrics on a conscious level, we can still find so much peace in the beat. Similarly the vice versa also holds true, with us getting quite agitated while listening to other songs. I find the concept highly beautiful, one of the many mysteries of the universe on how music can actually transmit feelings and affect our moods so subtly yet so intensely. I sometimes wonder if we all were born with an innate ability to translate and understand the melodies of these instruments. The resonance, the harmony, the tunes all seem to have a quintessential charm, a hidden spark of the unseen.

I love music, I believe it is one of the gifts from God to us humans. I enjoy most genres of music. In this particular post, keeping in mind with the theme, I would like to share an old favorite track by a very talented, yet non mainstream group Clair Voyant. I have shared this song with my family and friends, and majority of them find the song highly soothing, as I do. It has an ethereal, haunting yet enchanting quality about it which sets it apart from most popular songs nowadays. The song is 'Mirror' by Clair Voyant:

I get confused when I hear about certain religious sects who have deemed music sacrilegious and have deprived themselves from hearing one of God's greatest blessings. I remember the movie 'Khuda Kay Liye' and how it made a rebuttal of this ignorant bias towards music by citing how Allah had gifted the prophet Hazrat Dawood with a beautiful voice for music. Obviously songs which comprise of  foul language and anti-religious lyrics are wrong. However majority of music is pure, instrumental, and beautiful. It is a gift for us to enjoy and realize. Whether we accept it or not, music is a language of our universe. Even if we turn everything off, and sit silently, we would still be able to hear the music of the Earth playing softly to our souls forever.

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