Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was going through my poetry and came across a poem which I thought I would share on my blog today. I vividly recall the night when I wrote this poem. It was the year 2007. I was fast asleep in my room in Lahore, Pakistan, before being rudely awaken by a loud rainstorm. My room had been enveloped in darkness, yet when I opened my eyes, I could see everything lit up by a stroke of lightning.

Behind my bed there is a huge window, and from it you can see our backyard with the lemon trees and other few perennials my mom had had the gardener  plant there. I woke up, turned aside the red curtains, and sat on my bed, watching entranced the frequency and size of the raindrops getting bigger right before my eyes, lightning possessively showing mere glimpses of the backyard at night from time to time, my ears submerged to the mercy of the roaring thunder. There, that fateful night in 2007, instead of going back to sleep, I wrote the following poem:

Sleeping, tired, troubled daze,
Wake me from this blurry haze.
Darkness envelopes, thunder strikes,
The night enchanted by its eerie lights.
For a moment I see it all,
The beauty, galore, magnificence standing tall.
Before it is snatched from my grasp,
With the wind, deafening in its sordid rasp.
Yet I know in my heart,
I always did from the start.
The lightning will show it all,
The backyard cascading with dancing rain fall.
With a secret smile, transfixed, I fly,
From the temptress past, its seducing cry.
From the morbidity of that gloomy land,
trying to devour me like quicksand.
It is heart-wrenching, yet I know,
this time I veritably must go.
Closing my eyes, I succumb to my fate,
Trusting it before it is too late.
Time transmits me through its chimerical illusion,
The universe empowers me with positive fusion.
Away I transcend, searching for my alchemist's gold,
As memories slither from my hand,
When I unclench my fist, the wind creeps them away like particles of sand.
And finally I can give a sigh of relief,
I have let go, I have transcended from my grief.


  1. Interesting concepts in poem. Though I would have expressed them quite differently, in a much more subtle yet haunting way.

  2. very conceptual...... i like the idea of urs in the poem :)

  3. Beautiful!

    I wish I could write poetry.. My poetic skills stop at "Roses are red... violets are blue..."

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Haha, Miss Sassy Pants, your comment made me laugh =)